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Ace three top cybersecurity certification exams with this $69 bundle!

The cybersecurity business is booming and shows no signs of slowing down; it seems like every day there is a new high profile hack or breach. That means the need for professionals in this field is at an all-time high. Break into a new cybersecurity career with this certification training bundle! Learn more What you need is a bundle of courses that starts with the basics of cybersecurity and...

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When the Canadian carriers for the BlackBerry KEYone were announced, TELUS customers were quick to point out that only business accounts were eligible to purchase the KEYone through their services. Now, due to demand and customer feedback, TELUS has decided to change course and make the BlackBerry KEYone available to consumer customers in 'the very near future'. At this point, the info...

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VPN for dummies ... Or Dads ... Or why it's time to finally take the plunge

VPN on BlackBerry KEYone

A good VPN isn't as complicated as it used to be, but it's still a pretty big step for a "regular" user to take. But it's time to get my family used to it. Their data may depend on it. Over the past year I've been slowly moving my family to more secure options for their phones and computers. Password managers — to promote the usage of longer and stronger passwords — was the first step. Then...

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The BlackBerry KEYone is a great Android phone with an even greater keyboard

Don't call it a comeback! I've been here for years. This isn't a typical review of a smartphone. I usually don't write those, because I'm not as good at it as others are and I've worked here long enough to say things like "I don't wanna" and almost get away with it. But sometimes, I want to make words about a phone that can be read alongside a proper review from one of the guys who are great...

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In addition to the U.S. release announcement for the BlackBerry KEYone, Canadians looking to get their hands on the award-winning BlackBerry KEYone will be able to do so officially beginning May 31. Starting at $199 CAD on a two-year term, the BlackBerry KEYone will be available either in-store or online from Bell, Bell MTS, Rogers, SaskTel and TELUS. The BlackBerry KEYone is unlike any...

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If you've been waiting to pick up BlackBerry KEYone in the U.S., BlackBerry Mobile has now announced the KEYone will be available from Amazon as well as select Best Buy stores and online at for $549.99 USD. "This is an extremely exciting and humbling moment as we introduce a new BlackBerry smartphone to customers here in the U.S. with the launch of our BlackBerry KEYone," said...

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When a new BlackBerry Smartphone comes out, it's pretty much inevitable it will eventually get a gold treatment at some point if possible and it really just comes down to who will be the first to do it. The new KEYone is no different in this respect and a quick look through Instagram shows off a couple gold-plated BlackBerry KEYone photos that are already out there. I'm not usually a fan...

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Take your tunes into the shower with this $20 speaker

Showers can be boring (especially the lonely ones!), and shower thoughts can just end up making you feel way less relaxed than a show should. Some people also happen to sing their best when in the shower — or so we tell ourselves. Enjoy your tunes when wet for $20 Learn more Whatever your reason for wanting music in the shower, you need a speaker in your bathroom. Cords probably aren't the...

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In addition to providing a bit of an update surrounding the U.S. availability of the BlackBerry KEYone, Steve Cistulli, President & GM of TCL Communication (TCT) North America, also let it be known that the pre-orders for the BlackBerry KEYone on Rogers have now surpassed the pre-orders of any BlackBerry device that has been sold through the Canadian carrier previously. When you stop and...

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BBM Enterprise update for BlackBerry 10 and Android brings new features and improvements

If you or your organization is making use of BBM Enterprise, you'll want to ensure you have the latest release downloaded. Right now, on Android and BlackBerry 10, a new build of BBM Enterprise is being rolled out that brings enhanced group chat options as well as few other new features including video calling support between BlackBerry 10 and Android/iOS contacts. Overall Improvements...

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The Perfect Amount of Swank... the BlackBerry KEYone launch event in Toronto [Video]

BlackBerry Mobile hosted a swanky KEYone launch party last week in Toronto. The Hazelton Hotel venue was transformed from restaurant/lounge into a proper modern event space complete with thoughtful engagement areas where guests could explore demo devices, partake in bourbon tasting, have KEYone notebooks and luggage tags monogrammed and even take home hand-rolled cigars as a memento. An area...

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From the Editor's Desk: The Final Countdown to KEYone in North America

Hello, CrackBerry Nation! For those of you in North America, we're into the FINAL COUNTDOWN leading up to the May 31st availability of the BlackBerry KEYone. I've been having some fun on Instagram this week drawing the countdown out using KEYones. That number 8 is a work of art, don't you think? And no, those are not all my personal KEYones - they're the demo units I use at for our CrackBerry...

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Following the initial interim announcement back on April 12, 2017, BlackBerry has now announced that it has reached an agreement with Qualcomm Incorporated resolving all amounts payable in connection with royalty overpayments, interest and attorneys' fees. In total, the arbitration panel has issued a final award providing for the payment by Qualcomm to BlackBerry of a total amount of U.S.$940,...

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If you have the gift for thrift and are passionate about finding innovative ways to save and make money, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. You've likely noticed the Thrifter name accompanying tech deals content published on CrackBerry this year, but we haven't really paused to talk about what Thrifter is and where it's going. To be frank, that's because we weren't ready to....

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BlackBerry KEYone vs. BlackBerry Priv: No contest

Editor's Note: This article was originally published by Android Central on May 4, 2017. We have posted here as it is also of high interest to CrackBerry readers such as yourself. There is only one real choice for an Android with a keyboard. An Android phone with a keyboard is a niche product. I think everyone knows it, including the company that makes them. But because the choice is so small...

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Torrent safely with a lifetime license to Streamza, right now 89% off

The torrent protocol is a convenient way to download large files quickly, and while it is often associated with piracy, you can find plenty of legal uses, like receiving Linux distributables, finding copyright-free music and media, and downloading libraries worth of free e-books. The only problem is that your PC can become vulnerable while you're torrenting. Torrent safely with a lifetime...

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BlackBerry Hub and Hub+ Services updated with multiple bug fixes

Has your BlackBerry Hub been a little sluggish since the last update? If so, you'll want to go ahead and fire up the Google Play Store and get the latest updates for the BlackBerry Hub (v1.5.2.12874) and BlackBerry Hub+ Services (v1.5.2.44944) downloaded. Although the change logs haven't really been changed from the May update, the usual bug fixes and performance improvements noted on these...

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BlackBerry KEYone owners are loving the long battery life!

BlackBerry KEYone owners are loving the long battery life!

When the BlackBerry KEYone was announced as coming with a 3505mAh battery, the largest ever put in a BlackBerry, many folks were left wondering how that would translate to real world use considering battery life has always been a concern amongst BlackBerry users. As the KEYone is now making its way into the hands of owners, folks are sharing their battery life stories and well, BlackBerry...

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Where to buy the BlackBerry KEYone

Not sure where you can buy a BlackBerry KEYone right now? We've got you covered! The BlackBerry KEYone is now on sale in some parts of the world and is making its way to other areas of the globe very soon. Within a few weeks, carriers all over the world will have the KEYone ready and waiting — and we'll be keeping track of each and every one right here. So if you're curious as to where you can...

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Active Peak brings some BlackBerry 10 flavor to Android

Although plenty of folks have made the jump from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry's Android offerings such as Priv, DTEK50, DTEK60 and now KEYone, there are still plenty of folks out who have things about BlackBerry 10 that they love and would love to see BlackBerry bring to Android. One thing at the top of that list has consistently been the Active Frame styling as well as the swipe right for Hub...

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