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Looking to get your hands on the CDMA unlocked version of the BlackBerry KEYone for Verizon? If so, you'll want to fire up your web browser and head on over the Best Buy site where the device is now showing as available and ready for shipment and in-store pickup. Not long after BlackBerry Mobile sent out an email letting those who signed up for news about the CDMA version know it was...

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BlackBerry and VoxSmart have now announced the companies have partnered to help financial services firms comply on time with the European Union's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, better known as MiFID II. MiFID II, which comes into effect on January 3, 2018, demands that all financial services firms in Europe must keep records of all services, activities and transactions for at...

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TELUS consumer account holders can now order the BlackBerry KEYone online!

Although TELUS has been offering the BlackBerry KEYone to business customers from the day it was available in Canada, the demand from consumer account holders for the device caused the Canadian carrier to change course and make it available for everyone. Previously, consumer account holders looking to get their hands on the BlackBerry KEYone had to call into TELUS customer care to have their...

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Gartner, Inc. has named BlackBerry as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites for the second straight year. Notably, this is also the fourth straight year that BlackBerry has moved higher in ability to execute and further in completeness of vision in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites. Billy Ho, Executive Vice President, Enterprise...

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KEYone available from Carphone Warehouse for £36 per month

No doubt about it, people are loving the BlackBerry KEYone! Currently, Carphone Warehouse has the best Pay Monthly pricing in the UK and also have the device in-stock. You can grab the BlackBerry KEYone for just £36 per month and £0.00 upfront cost. The BlackBerry KEYone is rolling out around the world, and while we know it's still hard to get your hands on one in some places, those that have...

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BlackBerry Mobile says it is taking 'measures' to strengthen KEYone displays

BlackBerry Mobile has released an official statement on KEYone display popping problems. Now this is a swift response! After internet rabble rouser and professional phone destroyer, JerryRigEverything, put the KEYone through its paces last week, one of the main takeaways was that the display can come apart from the rest of the phone quite easily, as there isn't a lot of adhesive holding it all...

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Keeping in line with the date laid out on their Investor events calendar, BlackBerry has announced they will be reporting results Q1 2018 results on June 23rd. BlackBerry to Announce First Quarter Fiscal 2018 Results on Friday, June 23, 2017 Waterloo, Ontario – June 9, 2017 – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) will be reporting results for the first quarter of fiscal 2018 on June...

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Digital Offers: Keep your browsing private for life for $49

It's probably trite and a bit cliché at this point, but we increasingly live our lives online. Our bank information, personal information, likes, dislikes, and more are all over the internet — often whether we like it or not. That's all data, and nowadays, data's a commodity. You information is being bought and sold. Sometimes it's simply to show you catered ads; other times it's for the stuff...

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BlackBerry KEYone once again available to order from Selfridges!

BlackBerry KEYone once again available to order from Selfridges!

If you missed out on the initial run of stock availability at Selfridges of the BlackBerry KEYone, you'll be pleased to know the retailer has once again listed the latest Android-powered BlackBerry Smartphone as being available. Through the Selfridges website, you can pick up the BlackBerry KEYone for £499.00 with local shipping starting at only £5.00 and going up from there, unless you have...

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As the need for more advanced safety and security software rises in the automotive sector, BlackBerry QNX has officially launched QNX Hypervisor 2.0, BlackBerry's most advanced and secure 64-bit embedded operating system which allows developers to partition and isolate safety-critical environments from non-safety critical environments. BlackBerry's QNX Hypervisor 2.0 creates virtual...

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We've just rolled out a big update to our CrackBerry Android app!

We've just rolled out a big update to our CrackBerry Android app!

After having been in beta for a few weeks now, I am pleased to say the latest update to the CrackBerry Android app is now available through Google Play. In comparison to our old version, we're pretty much looking at a brand new app here. The change log speaks for itself, but in case you haven't checked it out yet, take a look at what's new in this release. It's way more than just bug fixes!...

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The popularity of video games continues to grow, and the industry surrounding our favorite past-time keeps getting more and more lucrative. Despite the enormous list of games available across so many platforms, the next big hit is still waiting to be discovered. Stay current with video game design with this lifetime membership! Learn more Have you always been interested in video games? Why...

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BlackBerry KEYone now available from Vodafone UK!

BlackBerry KEYone now available from Vodafone UK!

After a short amount of time sitting in their 'Coming Soon' area, Vodafone UK has now made the BlackBerry KEYone available for purchase through their website and in-store. Vodafone UK customers looking to pick the Android Nougat powered BlackBerry KEYone have a number of pricing options to choose from starting at £10 when coupled with a Vodafone UK plan. If you order right now from the...

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Update - June 8th: We're seeing more in stock again! If you do see stock run out, we suggest using the Notify Me button on the page to sign up. Best Buy will send out an email as soon as there's more inventory so you can get on that order asap! Update - June 7th: Late night stock replenish. More available from online! Hurry! Update - June 6th: Seeing the KEYone back in stock in Best Buy...

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As the demand for Crisis Communications Software grows, BlackBerry AtHoc has now announced new customers and partners in Australia and New Zealand. The Bank of New Zealand, Optus Business, Mobile Mentor and Briggs Communications have all agreed to deliver, deploy and support BlackBerry AtHoc in the region. Stuart Mort, Director of Cyber Security for Optus Business: "In today's business...

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BlackBerry begins rollout of June Android security update

Keeping updates on schedule, the BlackBerry Security Incident Response Team has now announced they have begun the rollout of the June Android security update for BlackBerry smartphones. As per normal, once downloaded and installed, you should see your security patch level change and this time around, it will appear as June 5, 2017. #BBSIRT released our June #30dayPatchingSMR to ensure @...

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BlackBerry brings even more visual and user experience updates to their Productivity Tab app

The last update to BlackBerry's Productivity Tab app for Android brought along a complete overhaul of the design of the app but apparently, BlackBerry wasn't quite yet done with the visual changes. A new update to the Productivity Tab is now rolling out through Google Play and one of the key changes noted is this release is even more visual and user experience updates. More visual and user...

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BBM Messenger adds 20 publishers to BBM News in Indonesia

Now that BBM News has launched, BBM has been working with new publishing partners to bring even more content to your fingertips and as such, they have now announced they have added 20 publishers to BBM News in Indonesia. We've added a stellar list of 20 publishers to BBM News in our Discover menu. For BBM users in Indonesia, this means they can now access a diverse range of content from...

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Although the Incipio cases for the BlackBerry KEYone haven't exactly been a secret, Incipio has now officially launched their core series of protective cases for the latest BlackBerry Smartphone. "BlackBerry has paved the way for smartphones since the early years of mobile adoption. The KEYone has the best parts of the old-school Blackberry functionality, with the reintroduction of their...

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Now that the BlackBerry KEYone has officially been released in the U.S. through Best Buy and Amazon, we're getting a look at the level of demand for the latest BlackBerry Smartphone. Best Buy and Amazon are currently out of stock but if you're wanting to lock in your BlackBerry KEYone order and get it as soon as possible, Amazon allows you to place your order and have it shipped as soon as they...

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