Unless you live or have an interest in what's happening in South Africa you have permission to ignore this article. News24 is a one stop shop for everything that's hitting the headlines in South Africa from general news to traffic or weather forecasts.

As you'll see from the above video the app is a native BlackBerry 10 one so we get that smooth familiar interface that we love so much. Once the app is open the main news stories will be displayed in a grid. Tap one to open it up and read the story in full and easily share with your friends thanks to the integration with any accounts you have associated with your BlackBerry Hub.

Jumping into the menu using the tab at the bottom left of the display you'll have instant access to the networks channels so you can filter down what it is you're looking for. If it's only traffic news for example then just hit up the Traffic24 tab and off you go.

One feature in particular that I like with News24 is that from any of the menu grids you are shown the current weather conditions at the top of the screen. From within the settings you can change your location for both the weather and the traffic options - a nice touch.

News24 is free to download and use and you can even get involved by adding comments and photos to articles - although this will require you linking the app to your Facebook account.

I may not be in South Africa but I've been suitably impressed by this one.

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