BBM beta for Android makes it easier to import your BlackBerry 10 BBM contacts

The BBM app team is always looking for ways to improve the BBM experience and one issue that has been problematic for BBM users is moving from BB10 to Android or iOS has been how contacts transfer. With BBID's no longer able to be moved between the BlackBerry 10 and Android and iOS and back again, a workaround solution had to be created and is now appearing in the latest BBM beta along with a few other changes.

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Files Go by Google brings search capabilities, Google Photos integration

Google's Files Go has seen plenty of improvements since its initial release and today, Google has added a bunch more which they say was based on user feedback. Three new additions stand out as highlights for the storage management utility.

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John Chen discusses BlackBerry's partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and weighs in on big tech


Following the announcement of BlackBerry's partnership with Jaguar Land Rover to collaborate on automotive technology, BlackBerry CEO John Chen hit the media circuit early this morning to talk with BloombergTV about the multi-year agreement and more!

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Instagram is once again making changes to your feed, but this time you might like them!

If you're among the many users who hate Instagram's non-chronological feed, be prepared to get at least a little bit excited. Instagram has now announced several changes that are coming to how their algorithm will handle your feed going forward.

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BlackBerry 'Ghost Pro' from Optiemus appears in new leak

To go along with the BlackBerry 'Ghost' that appeared back in February, Evan Blass has now also dropped the first look at another new device from Optiemus called the BlackBerry 'Ghost Pro.'

Aside from the image, there are not a lot of details to go on here for this one other than to say it's coming to India and well, kind of looks like a bunch of previous BlackBerry devices mashed together to make one. I see styling details from the KEYone, Motion, Leap and of course iPhone in this device.

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BlackBerry and Jaguar Land Rover enter a multi-year agreement to collaborate on automotive technology

Continuing with their announcements leading up to their earnings report on March 28, BlackBerry has now announced they have signed a multi-year agreement with Jaguar Land Rover that will see the companies collaborate and develop technology for Jaguar Land Rover's next-gen vehicles.

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BlackBerry accelerating their efforts to promote the need for safety and security of autonomous vehicles

Given BlackBerry's efforts in autonomous vehicles through their subsidiary QNX, I was wondering if we'd hear from the company in any way regarding the accident that happened in Arizona involving an autonomous Uber vehicle where a female pedestrian was killed.

It turns out, I didn't have to wait long. A new blog post from John Chen on the Inside BlackBerry blog has now been posted highlighting how BlackBerry QNX is taking steps to ensure a safer autonomous future and what still needs to be done in that area.

We are saddened by the tragic accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona on Monday. This incident should serve as a powerful reminder of how high the stakes are for all of us working on the next generation of connected vehicles.

At BlackBerry, we work with Tier 1s, automakers, and other technology companies to build autonomous systems that are built to the highest safety standards. As part of our ongoing work in automotive, we have a self-driving concept car that is tested in a highly-controlled environment in Ottawa, Canada. We will continue to test our software on the road, and more importantly, will be accelerating our efforts to work with legislators and oversight bodies to promote the need for safety and security of autonomous vehicles.

Putting robots in control of our transportation grid and trusting them with our lives is an unsettling thought for many of us, and the federal governments in North America have a responsibility to act in the public interest; balancing our fears against the prospect of saving millions of lives and improving the opportunities for billions more globally.

Federal action is required to prevent local governments from creating a patchwork of potentially incompatible rules that will stifle innovation. Without the ability to scale, testing will move more quickly overseas where innovation is less accountable to our standards for cybersecurity and safety.

One way to do this is for the U.S. Senate to pass the AV START bill. Its enactment will ensure that the industry can build the data sets necessary for the safe operation of driverless cars and provides policy makers with the tools to responsibly regulate the technology as it matures and ultimately reaches mass market readiness.

Despite the tragedy this week, we believe self-driving cars will save millions of lives, and the sooner we get to fully autonomous, the better. Arriving at this destination will require significant data which can only be obtained by testing cars on the street, operating in real-world conditions, and with adequate safety protocols.

While fully autonomous vehicles are a few years off, the time to act is now and we have privately and are now publicly inviting those Senators who harbor concerns to engage with us so that together we can build on the AV START framework and set the standard for our shared future.

The fatal incident itself still has many questions that need to be answered and investigators are looking into it all but as Chen highlights, there's a need for Federal guidelines to be set and frameworks to be put in place to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety and security in autonomous vehicles. For BlackBerry QNX, that means they'll be working even harder now to work with all involved to promote the need for safety and security.

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BlackBerry Motion March Android security update now available

Keeping things in line with the BlackBerry KEYone, the March Android security update for the BlackBerry Motion has now been released and is currently rolling out. It seems, unlike the KEYone, it has hit all regions and variants so folks should now be seeing it available or will be soon enough.

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BBM launches 'DANA in BBM' mobile wallet for Indonesia

As mobile users and digital transactions continue to grow in Indonesia, so do mobile wallets and payment solutions and BBM is looking to make it easier for Indonesians to go cashless by introducing DANA in BBM. With DANA in BBM, you can process payments for bills, utilities, online shopping and more right within BBM.

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BlackBerry Hub updated to fix email truncation and address population bugs

After publication, BlackBerry seemingly changed the changelog to show only one instead of a beta and official, we've updated the post accordingly to reflect the official release changes.

A new update for the BlackBerry Hub has arrived on the Google Play Store. The changelogs this time around are short and sweet, take a look at what's new! What's New

  • Fixed the truncation of email replies in long threads
  • Fixed the email address not getting populated when composing to a suggested contact

Kind of funny. Old-school BlackBerry users will remember email truncations issues from BlackBerry OS devices, shouldn't be an issue in 2018 but alas, the fixes are in place now. Go ahead and get the update downloaded if you haven't already.

Download BlackBerry Hub from the Google Play Store

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Join the BlackBerry Fan League today!

A chance to win weekly and monthly prizes which will include new BlackBerry Mobile smartphones.

I have some awesome news to share with all you BlackBerry fans! Over the past few weeks, behind the scenes, BlackBerry Mobile has been working hard to put together a sweet new initiative for fans called BlackBerry Smartphone Fan League to help spread the BlackBerry love and win some great prizes while doing so. Today, it officially goes live in Canada, the U.S., and U.K.

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BlackBerry KEYone March Android security update rollout has begun

A little bit of a heads up for all you BlackBerry KEYone owners out there. The March Android security update rollout has now begun for the KEYone and although it seems limited regionally right now, it generally doesn't take much longer for all regions to see the update arrive once started.

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Google Pay adds support for transit passes and tickets

With the Android Pay to Google Pay branding now rolled out Google has begun adding new features to go along with the new name and new look. Today, Google announced support for transit passes and tickets starting with the Las Vegas Monorail, allowing you to purchase tickets online and save them to Google Pay.

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BlackBerry KEYone Bronze Edition now officially available in the Middle East

When the BlackBerry KEYone Bronze Edition was announced at CES 2018 it was noted that the device would be available in the Middle East and now, it has arrived. The Bronze Edition is available starting today through Sharaf DG online and at Additionally, the KEYone Bronze Edition will be available from Etisalat and Du.

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Tim Hortons TimmyMe app being discontinued on May 31, 2018

If for some strange reason you're still using the Tim Hortons TimmyMe app on BlackBerry 10, you'll want to make sure you move any remaining balance you may have on your account. That's because the app, as a whole, is being discontinued as of May 31, 2018, in favor of the new Tim Hortons mobile app.

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John Chen discusses his contract extension and ongoing plans for BlackBerry

Following the announcement of BlackBerry extending CEO John Chen's contract for another five years, BNN had the chance to catch up with Chen to discuss the finer details and what his plans are for BlackBerry over that time.

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Google Maps adds wheelchair-accessible transit routes

Google has introduced a new feature to Google Maps aimed at helping those with mobility needs. Starting today, in London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney wheelchair accessible routes are available and it's the start of something that for many will serve as a life-changing addition. To highlight how life-changing, I borrowed a bit from my friend and colleague Jerry Hildenbrand.

This isn't a complicated bit of news to understand, but how it can touch the lives of millions around the world might be. I can't speak for everyone in a wheelchair, but I know how different the world can be when you're stuck in one.

I've been confined to a wheelchair on and off for 15 years and full-time for the past five. So many of the things I used to take for granted are now problematic, sometimes to the point where I lost any desire to do them. Grabbing a train or bus to head downtown is one of them because getting "stuck" is heartbreaking and embarrassing. And it happens a lot more than you may think; any outing that's new brings apprehension and worry that it may be cut short because there is no way to wheel myself from point A to point B. Something like flying out to Google I/O is fun and exciting for most everyone making the trip but for me, it means anxiety from the moment I say goodbye to my wife until the moment I say hello to a familiar face at the other end.

Accessibility goes beyond those of us in a chair, too. Anyone who has a tougher time getting around may need a ramp or an elevator, as do people with strollers or any type of cart. It's just as easy to get stuck trying to push the kids or a bunch of tools from one place to another and just as frustrating when it happens. Hopefully, we see the feature in more places soon.

Accessing the options in Google Maps is easy, Tap "Directions" then select the public transportation icon. Then tap "Options" and under the Routes section, you'll find "wheelchair accessible" as a new route type. Google notes they will be working with additional transit agencies in the next few months to get even more wheelchair accessible routes into Google Maps.

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Facebook Lite availability expanded to include more countries including Canada and the United States

Originally introduced back in 2015 for developing countries where smartphones are less powerful, and network speeds are slower, Facebook has now decided to expand the availability of their Facebook Lite app to the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland.

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John Chen will stay on as BlackBerry CEO until at least 2023 as part of contract extension

BlackBerry has now announced that John Chen will remain as BlackBerry CEO as part of an agreement to extend Chen's leadership of BlackBerry through November 2023. The news comes as BlackBerry prepares for their upcoming Q4 2018 earnings report, which takes place on March 28, 2018.

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Having issues with messages not showing in the BlackBerry Productivity Tab? Here's a simple fix!

The latest BlackBerry Productivity Tab update brought the ability to add widgets, which is great but there also appears to be a little quirk with messages, specifically social accounts, not showing in the tab. Luckily, there's an easy fix to get them working properly.

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