Oh my stars, folks; someone got it right! The debate over which smartphone is better, BlackBerry or iPhone, has raged since the dawn of...well, the iPhone. In this video from The New York Times, assistant technology editor Sam Grobart, and Dealbreak editor Andrew Ross Sorkin finally have it out. Mano a mano, suits versus khakis, iPhone vs. BlackBerry.

The two swap smartphones (and their clothes transform, apparently to great surprise), and hilarity ensues. Well, no but the pair do come to a bit of a realization. The phones both have nice features and are great pieces of technology, but the borrowed devices just "weren't right for" them.

At CrackBerry.com, we're firm believers that there is no one smartphone perfect for each and every person. Kevin's Hierarchy of Smartphone Needs explains this in much greater detail (it's classic Kevin, but it's a good read).  The video up there gives a great demonstration of the hierarchy in action. The best smartphone is the one that best delivers what the user wants to do. Communication and security are the BlackBerry's forté, media and entertainment are the iPhone's.

In the end, the question isn't "What's the best smartphone?"  It's "What's the best smartphone for me?"

Thanks to Jake-44 

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