OK, before you read any further, watch the video above. I'm typically not one to jump on using a theme that makes my BlackBerry look like a different smartphone altogether (even though the OS-clone themes tend to be some of our most popular theme sellers), but the WJD Designs promo video is so good I think may just have to rock the new XDroid theme this weekend on my 9700. Here's the overview of the theme from the developer:

Welcome to XDroid, not your average Android based theme. This theme is inspired by Motorola's Android device named "Droid X"... This was made to reflect everything from the icons to your unread messages to the function of the on screen widgets. Using the power of SVG code we provided a way to show the calendar and messages widget with a tap of the screen and still let the user hide it with one simple touch allowing them to see their wallpapers. Along with the widgets are the custom user defined Icon spaces with the text under them to give that Android feel. We also have the Droid X style bottom launch dock which allows the user get to the dial pad / contacts / and app screen with a quick tap.  

XDroid is currently available for the BlackBerry Storms, Bold 9700, 9650, 9000, Tour 9630 and Pearl 3G (os 5.0 required). I'm sure the minute Theme Builder 6 is available it'll be available for the Torch as well. Click on over to the XDroid product page below for full details and to buy. The price on this one is $3.99.

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