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With all of the news from BlackBerry DevCon 2010 now behind us, it's been a little quiet this week in the world of BlackBerry. On the other hand, it's been a huge week in Microsoft land with the official launch of Windows Phone 7. If you're not up to speed on all the news, be sure to head over to our sibling site WPCentral (formerly WMExperts) to learn about everything Windows Phone.

Following up the Windows Phone launch, Microsoft loaded up the above commercial to their youtube account.  It's pretty funny actually - instead of focusing on their new phones, they instead hone in on all of us crazy CrackBerry Addicts out there. Funny stuff. Maybe it's just me... but the commercial actually makes me want to own a BlackBerry, not a Windows Phone. I mean, if a phone is that good that you can't take your eyes off it, then why wouldn't you want it?! :)

On another CrackBerry Addiction related note, our updated CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse book has just been released.  The paperback will be available Oct.19th, but you can already grab the electronic version from Amazon. 

So what you do think of the commercial? And how about Windows Phone 7? Sound off in the comments!

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