It was only yesterday that we saw BBM get updated over in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. That's been swiftly followed by Whatsapp, which is offering up a nice selection of improvements and fixes to make using the app a little more flawless.

Now I know that many of you BlackBerry 10 users are not fans of Whatsapp, but as with any app, there's always going to be lovers and haters. Although BBM is always number one for me, Whatsapp does have a place on my BlackBerry for those naughty buddies that insist on using it. Actually, these days I tend to choose Facebook messenger over Whatsapp, but that's just me.

As always, it's great to see improvements being introduced on a regular basis, so if you're a member of the Beta Zone be sure to leave some feedback.

New in Beta version

  • Added ability to report spam when receiving individual messages from unknown contacts
  • Added ability to message contacts directly from contact card messages, if applicable
  • Added 'low data usage' setting for voice calls (Settings - Media Settings - Call Settings)
  • Added mute option to all chats (not just groups)
  • Fixed: Chat list messaging time formatting wouldn't update if the app had been running for several days
  • Fixed: Starting the app could cause the flashlight to shut off
  • Various other fixes and updates

Fancy signing up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone? You can do so here.