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A new way to display BlackBerry devices in stores takes shape

We've all grown accustomed to the display units in store. They range from just a phone, strapped down to a post with a USB cable stuck in the charging port to huge monoliths that are meant to appear as big as the stores that house them. Beyond that though, the display units in stores are pretty lack luster -- not that they need to be excitingly extravagant but really, I'd rather see something cool than a device that was fondled to death and subsequently held down with duct tape after a few days.

Stardust and BBDO, two New York media companies haveput their thoughts together to create a new form of BlackBerry and smartphone case display designs. Using 3D holographic imaging, the new "presentation station" as they call it is now popping up in major public venues across Russia including three Moscow international airports and Russian carrier, MTS' retail stores.

Although the marketing is currently using a BlackBerry Storm 2, after having watched the video of the "presentation station" in action we're certainly hoping RIM decides to pick this up and put there next generation of devices in it. They really are amazing and look to be an evolution from display units out there now -- would be rather fitting to put a next generation device in a next generation display unit.

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Source: BBCool

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