VistaLike Hedone Design

Hedone Design has just released a new Windows Vista theme for those among you who enjoy the look of the Windows OS on your BlackBerry. As with all Hedone Design themes, VistaLike uses some awesome high resolution graphics to make it look great on any device. Numerous variations are available, so "style" of theme should not be an issue here. Zen, Today, Today Plus and many more are available for the choosing.

Along with the different variations available, Hedone has included it a wallpaper expansion pack that is available for download to allow for more personalization. Devices 4.5 OS + are supported with the excpetion of the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Storm2 series devices. Right now you can grab VistaLike for only $3.49 until November 6th. Be sure to check all the screenshots to ensure the version you choose is indeed the one you want.

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