iraq ipod

We can't verify the veracity of the claim, but it a good story nonetheless and we have photo evidence (which never lies, right?). We have heard the stories before involving bibles, flasks and watches but here is our very own war story, this time featuring an iPod.

According to reports showing up on the net, Kevin Garrad of the 3rd Infantry Division of the US Army was patrolling the streets of Tikrit in Iraq, when he rounded the corner of a building and came face-to-face with an armed insurgent. Both open fired on each other.

The Iraqi was killed, while Garrad was hit in the left chest by a bullet from the Iraqi's AK 47. Apparently, his IPod was in his jacket pocket and it slowed the bullet down enough that it did not completely penetrate his body armor. Garrad walked away unharmed.

Apple have already sent the solder a replacement iPod.

So, do you think that a BlackBerry might be showing up in a similar situation? What do you think could handle a 9 mil slug better? The sturdy 7290 or the new Pearl? You're your answers on a postcard to…