New update to QuickPost brings cool features

QuickPost has only been out for about a week and it already has had an update that brings about a few cool new features with it. QuickPost is already being compared to Polarbear and it looks like we're going to see some interesting developments arise with both apps. I can't quite decide between the two right now and both do have their individual strengths so, for me, I would probably use them both for different situations.

In this QuickPost update, it loses its 'beta' moniker too. Also, in this update, you now have the option to share to QuickPost in the share menu. The biggest add on in this update would be the "Quick Attach" option, which basically allows you to share a picture to your favorite social sites. It was definitely something users were looking for and now you have it. On top of that you can now share to Whatsapp too.

Quick Post Quick Attach

So, you'll now have two sections in this update - Quick Post and Quick Attach, depending on what you want to share. Whatsapp is only available from the Quick Attach option.

New Features:

  • Refreshed logo & icon design
  • Share TO QuickPost!  It is now possible to share once, and post everywhere! This is seamlessly integrated, so you can share without leaving what you're doing
  • Share to WhatsApp
  • Quick Attach! Share a picture to multiple social networks
  • Enhancements: Now prompted if you try to post an empty message

I think my favorite part of the update is that I can now find QuickPost in the share menu, definitely a must for me in an app like this. I am looking forward to future updates for QuickPost.

If you haven't checked out QuickPost already, it is available from BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $0.99.

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