Now, I know that the handheld Rubik's Cube game isn’t all the rage anymore, but I remember getting quite angry at that stupid cube because I wasn’t able to get the colors to line up. Now we have a touch screen to get angry at. If you’re looking for an updated alternative to the Rubix Cube you are in luck as Dust Bit Games has brought their interpretation of the popular game to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Cubyrinth is a 3D cube based game for the PlayBook that has a twist, literally. While you rotate the 3D cube you also need to align the path to allow the orb to make its way back to the rotating cube. The kicker, the cube has thousands of options to get that orb back home and while it starts off easy it moves along quite fast and you’ll be cursing at your PlayBook in no time.

To spice things up, some Cubyrinths are protected by Turrets and/or Triones. Turrets are heavy armored stationary security systems, which will destroy the prototype on line of sight. But even more dangerous are the mobile security units, called Triones. Those fast bots will hunt the prototype as soon as they are able to find a way.

So not only are you expected to get the orb from one place to another at some stages in the game you are required to dodge turrets and triones. If you’re reading this you may be starting to think that this game is a little over your head. Trust me you’ll power through it, it’ll just take some extra thinking at times. Cubyrinth is available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99.

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