Things have quieted down a bit on the BBM front for iOS and Android, but just because we're not hearing things, doesn't mean nothing is happening. According to a new Distimo survey, BBM is still going very strong in some key markets. 

BBM had a great start out of the gate. The app saw over 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours on Android and iOS and quickly shot up to the top of the app stores before ultimately seeing over 20 million added installs overall. We're sure that those numbers are still growing at this point and Distimo shows off a bit of what's going down in some regions.

The survey for iOS downloads shows stats from the period of October 21 to November 21st. As you can see in the chart, BBM has shown a great performance in the UK, India and even South Africa. In both India and the UK, BBM nudged out all other IM apps while Snapchat and WhataApp pulled in a narrow lead in other areas. 

These numbers do fluctuate (quite often) so anything can change from week to week, but it's awesome to see BBM doing so well thus far. With bigger things to come like BBM Channels, Voice and Video we can hope that the BBM push keeps getting stronger.