Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle

Those of you lusting after a desktop charging cradle for your BlackBerry Z10 will be pleased to hear that we now have the Mobi Products Desktop Charging Cradle in stock at ShopCrackBerry. The Mobi Products Cradle for BlackBerry Z10 lets you easily charge your device and sync it at the same time. Just connect the cradle to your computer's USB port to sync your BlackBerry Z10 and you're set! If you want to simply charge your BlackBerry Z10, just connect the bundled AC adapter.


  • Charge/Sync your BlackBerry Z10 in one convenient cradle
  • Convenient charging for the office or bedside
  • Specifically for BlackBerry Z10
  • Includes USB AC Adapter

We will have a full review of the The Mobi Products Cradle in the near future, but if you don't want to wait you can head on over to the store at the link below and pick one up for yourself now.

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