BlackBerry OTA DownloaderGetting some attention on the net today is a new application aptly called BlackBerry OTA Downloader. Blackberry OTA Downloader allows you to download the files required for Over The Air (OTA) installs immediately to your desktop. Here's the 411:

So what are the benefits of this downloader?

Well, it allows you to backup OTA downloads under any circumstance.

Example: you found this great blackberry theme somewhere on the net, but it's only available OTA and you have a hosted blackberry service (BIS) with a disabled blackberry browser. All you need to do is copy the OTA downloadlink, paste it in the textbox and press "download". The OTA file and all required ota contents will be downloaded to a separate folder in the folder where you have placed the Blackberry OTA downloader.

Another great benefit of the Blackberry OTA downloader is that it will allow you to create a backup of all OTA files.

Example: you found this great software or theme but its only available OTA, what if the site which is hosting this file removes the file, or what if the site goes offline?

Well, then you will loose the possibility to ever install this file again.... Blackberry OTA downloader resolves this problem by giving you the possibility to create a backup under any circumstance.


    * Backup OTA downloads on disk.
    * No GPRS connection or blackberry internet required.
    * Install blackberry OTA themes using your desktop software.

Download BlackBerry OTA Downloader here >>