RadGuard for BlackBerry

Seriously. This RadGuard app scares the sh!t out of me. Why? Because I pretty much have my BlackBerry (often more than one BlackBerry) with me 24/7, typically carrying it around not so far from my you know what. And the number of times I've fallen asleep with my BlackBerry on my chest or beside me just inches away from my head (which contains my brain) the last thing I want to think about are the things potentially happening to my body caused by radiation emitted from my trusted electronic companion. It's not typically my style, but with this argument/issue I'd rather remain as blissfully ignorant as possible. Enough with the drole... so what's RadGuard? Read on for the details:

RadGuard is a new exciting application based on a patent-pending technology which constantly monitors your BlackBerry's transmission level, and notifies you as soon as it goes above a certain safe threshold. This unique and innovative application, allows you to avoid or minimize phone usage during those periods of high radiation levels that usually go unnoticed. Health risks associated with mobile phone radiation are a growing concern these days; protect yourself and those around you with this must have solution!

1. The Problem - Radiation Health Risks
Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, which is believed to be harmful to human health in various ways. Numerous researches have been published in recent years studying the connection between growing mobile phone usage and the effects on the human body.

2. The Solution - RadGuard Protection
RadGuard provides notifications each time your phone radiation cross a certain safe threshold level, helping users identify those high risk periods that usually go unnoticed. Advising users to try and place their mobile phone far from their body until radiation level is lower again.

3. The Implementation - Profile Notifications
RadGuard provides high-radiation notifications. RadGuard notifications are integrated as part of the BlackBerry built-in Profiles application, allowing you to control notifications behavior according to the currently selected phone profile!

So RadGuard doesn't do anything magical or new age that actually reduces the radiation produced and emitted by your BlackBerry. Instead it just constantly lets you know your Berry could arguably be killing you and tries to intelligently limit your exposure time with it. If you want to give the app a try, you can jump over to the SBSH forum and learn more about the app and download a 12-day free trial. After that, it will cost you $5.95. I can't wait to see the comments to this one and the poll results. Is mobile radiation from your BlackBerry something you worry about? Would you use this app?