The folks at Bplay have been on a roll with releasing killer BlackBerry themes, and their new Saltwater theme is no exception. WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE. Other than people who have a fear of fish, who wouldn't want this calming theme?! I just installed it on my 8320 (running 4.2.2) and am luvven it. And yes, the bottom dock icons can be customized (it pulls the first six from the mainscreen ribbon).

The Saltwater theme is definitely going on my list of must-have themes for BlackBerry Addicts. More info and you can pick it up HERE for $6.99 >>

WARNING: This theme WILL NOT WORK with the BlackBerry 8830. It'll work on the 8800 and 8820 and every other BlackBerry featuring a trackball, but it is incompatible with the 8830. So if you have an 8830, do not install!