New rumor claims Android-powered BlackBerry 'Venice' slider headed to AT&T


It would seem as though the Android-powered BlackBerry rumors are continuing to flow. Adding to the already mounting rumors that BlackBerry is building an Android smartphone is longtime leaker @evleaks who noted on Twitter that the slider, which has taken on the name 'Venice' will be Android-powered and headed to AT&T.

Despite @evleaks history with leaks, this should still all be taken with a grain of salt. At this point, there has been no undeniable proof of an Android-powered BlackBerry existing let alone it being the slider that was shown off at Mobile World Congress.

All we've got thus far is plenty of rumors, speculation and perhaps some misunderstanding as to what BlackBerry is doing with the Android runtime on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Still, I have no doubt BlackBerry is testing Android on BlackBerry hardware and likely have been for a while now.

UPDATE - We've added the image shared by @evleaks of what appears to be a marketing render of a BlackBerry Passport running Android as well, which came after the initial sharing of the AT&T slider rumor.

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