New Premium Theme From Elecite - Gizmo

Aside from the stir they created with their most recent Storm 3 tales and mock ups, Elecite has released a new premium theme called Gizmo. Personally, I'm digging the colors used in this theme but it certainly has a few other features that many folks will certainly enjoy. As described by folks from Elecite:

All of the homescreen icons in Gizmo are organized in a rack system. Each icon is placed in a slot that can be rearranged with the click of a button. The rack allows for quick access to your social, communication, media, options and more, a grand total of 25 different icons to choose from for a total of over 125 icon combinations! Not to mention a customizable 4 icon bottom dock and a dedicated clock icon. Gizmo is packed!

Elecite themes always managed to amaze me with their layouts and use of colors, you can check out all the screenshots over at their site. Just make sure that you check device compatibility before checking out.