OSXLike Theme from HedoneDesign

When Bla1ze dropped word of Hedone Design's Se7en theme on the blogs a couple weeks back it got a really positive response from the community. Hedone has followed up that success with another cool OS-based theme, this time targeted at all the Apple fans out there, OSXLike.

Based on demand, the OSXLike theme is available for the Bold, Pearl Flip and Curve 83xx series in a variety of flavors:

  • Zen (Bold's version have TodayPlus preview integrated that shows 7 events or messages)
  • TodayPlus (show 1 message, and 3 events in the calendar)
  • TodayPlus Messages (displays 6 messages)
  • TodayPlus Calendar (displays 6 calendar events) 

OSXLike sells for $7. There's a video after the jump so you can get a better idea of what it looks like in action. And there's more pictures and videos and info on the store product page - with so many options you'll want to do some thinking first and make sure you pick out the layout that best suits you!

BlackBerry Bold OSXLike Theme Video