New Polarbear beta update coming today - can now share direct to Google+

There are currently two apps offering similar features for BlackBerry 10 at the moment. An app that allows you to share to multiple social media sites at once and we've already looked at them both here on CrackBerry - Polarbear and QuickPost. There is a third, Buffer, however it is an Android port so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Right now Polarbear is in public beta and many have already loaded it up. Today, Polarbear has been updated to v2.0.2 and brings some new features as well as bug fixes and performance enhancements.

One of the things I like about Polarbear is its ability to share to Google+, however, it didn't share to my activity stream. After suggesting this to the developer, he did some digging and has managed to bring this feature to Polarbear. So, there's definitely going to be a lot more activity on my Google+ account.

Also in this beta update, an Active Frame has been added, just to make things a little more pretty on your Active Frame screen, if you are one who will have Polarbear open regularly. The developer has also tweaked things so that Polarbear loads up a bit faster and of course there are bug fixes here and there.

If you are part of the beta program already, expect an email today. If you haven't yet checked out Polarbear, it is now in public beta so you can give it a download from the link below, though this will be the current version, until the update drops. You will need to sideload the app. It is available for all current BlackBerry 10 devices.

Join the Polarbear public beta program