Macs are wonderful. A couple of the guys have them here at the office and we all marvel at their clean colours, softly rounded edges, their purring noises and sounds. We look at them with envy. We all want one.

But, while the Mac is great to look at and great for some applications in reality they have barely made a dent in the corporate market. And from our point of view they didn’t synch up well with Blackberries and the enterprise server.

Well, up until now. Macs have made significant gains in connectivity with enterprise systems over the years, including Windows 2003 networks and Exchange Servers, but they don't work seamlessly with BlackBerry handhelds. Fortunately, PocketMac for BlackBerry 4.0 is a free app that alleviates this problem.

The guys over at Smart Device Central took a look at the new PocketMac for Blackberry application and came to some conclusions on the efficiency and the drawbacks of the new tool.

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