We've just heard about all kinds of new things that may be coming with the OS 10.2.1 update. In addition to the Dashboard, Fuse Mode and Pic Password there appear to be some other UI changes as well, one of which is the incoming call screen. 

This screen has shown up in the latest leaked OS and while we can't say for sure that this is what we'll see when the 10.2.1 update becomes officially available, if the rumors hold true we may be in store for a totally different call screen.

As you can see, this one favors a left / right swipe over the current up / down version for accepting or rejecting a call. It's cleaned up a bit but we're not totally sold on the idea that the screen needs revamping at all. 

So what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Like things the way there are? Hit up the comments and let us know!