John from JC-Designs reached out to me a few days ago, mentioned it's been a while since he has made a theme but wanted me to have a look at his latest, Metallic. As always with all of Johns work, I was impressed with the time and detail put into this one. First off you have customized icons, sliding docks and hidden areas all which blend awesomely. Secondly, all icons are user customizable and John has even included 7 different colored wallpapers to make use of with the desktop download.  And finally, it's weather slot friendly and hidden today features round out this one. Devices supported are 83xx, 85xx, 89xx, 90xx, 95xx and finally 96xx Series.

Contest: In addition to placing this theme (and many others of his) on sale for only $2.99, John wanted to extend a little gratitude to the CrackBerry community for the love which has been show to him over the past while. With that, we're gonna be giving away 100 copies of Metallic to some lucky readers, drop a comment here and we'll make sure it's accounted for (duplicate entries will be excluded). Contest will close on October 22nd, good luck folks.