Read the iMore review of the new Apple iPad

Apple New iPad

While all of the CrackBerry Nation is still enjoying the benefits of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 software, over at our sibling site iMore, they are loving the new iPad. Here at CrackBerry we are all about BlackBerry, but the iMore team tackles all that is Apple. Rene has been hard at work putting the new Apple iPad through the paces, and now has a amazing review posted for your reading pleasure. Even if you're not interested in what the new iPad has to offer, it's still a good read so you can see how it stacks up to the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some say new iPad isn't a big upgrade from that of the iPad 2, so let us know what you think.

While we're still in favor of the BlackBerry PlayBook for its small size, portability and ability to Bridge to your BlackBerry smartphone,  the new iPad isn't a bad choice if you're looking to add to your tablet arsenal (that retina display is pretty awesome). So sit back, head on over to iMore and see what the new iPad is all about.

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