There were a lot of official announcements made today at BlackBerry Live 2013, but here is an unofficial one for you. There is a new Instagram .bar file floating around that is a newer version than the last working one, that actually works quite a bit better than the last one. This leaked version seems to fix that annoying Facebook work around we had to use to get the last one to sign in, so no more of that. Also, as this is a newer version, there is at least one of the new filters (Willow) and it's running a bit faster than before, from my observation.

It's recommended that you delete any old versions of Instagram from your device before loading the new one. If you need some help side-loading this bad boy on your BlackBerry 10 device, check out the links below, and be sure to head on over to the forums to drop a comment with your findings or to see what others are saying in case you prefer to be more cautious.

Thanks Kracheads!

Download Instagram for BlackBerry 10

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