Just in time for capturing all of your holiday photos, Inst10 has been updated through BlackBerry World. This release from Nemory Studios moves the app into v3.0.800.1 and according to the changelog, addresses quite a few issues that end-users will appreciate including faster startup, improved notifications and plenty of bug fixes as well.

  • Faster Startup
  • Fixed Headless Hub Notifications
  • Fixed Filtered Notifications
  • More Stable Notifications Improvements and Bug Fixes

The update is live right now in BlackBerry World, so be sure to grab it. As a reminder, Inst10 is a free download in BlackBerry World and offers a trial of all the pro features available. After the free trial is up, you'll still be able to use the app in limited form and have the option to purchase the pro options for $3.99.

Download Inst10 from BlackBerry World