We haven't heard too many rumors floating around for any new devices for a while, but one that's been on our radar is the BlackBerry C-Series. We've seen some images of the device before however some new ones have now surfaced that lend a bit more info. 

As uncovered by ofutur in the CrackBerry forums, the images are the standard tutorial shots from within the OS. Here we see a few variations that could very well be the C-Series device, though we don't really have any way of knowing at this point.

Rumor has it that there will be two versions, both a full touschscreen as well as a QWERTY model. It has some similarities to the Z10 and Z30 so it could quite possibly fill the elusive Z5 slot that we've been wondering about as a slimmed down, inexpensive Z10. It's also possible that the device will never see the light of day given everything that's gone down at BlackBerry over the last few months.

So speculate as you like, but let us know what you think. Would you wants to see a smaller, less expensive device like this? Hit up the comments with your thoughts.

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