new blackberry technologyA new BlackBerry patent application would enable the merging of several images from a website and display these images within one merged image file.

The application was filed by RIM last week and was discovered by Russell Shaw at ZDNet.

The technology is being called "image-stitching" For BlackBerry user, this technology would mean easier display of multiple images in one view, as well as quicker image rendering due to the fact that the merged image file would be smaller than multiple images displayed as individual files.

According to the patent, “a plurality of image files are selected from the content that can be combined together to form a single image file that will have a smaller file size than the sum of the file sizes of the selected image files. The selected image files are combined into a single merged image file. The computer instructions are amended to accommodate the merged image file."

For more information on the actual process involved read the full article here