New Ice Blue Theme For Bold!

So the holidays are now over and I'm sure some of you out there got shiny new Bolds for Christmas. No better way to give it some love then to grab a nice new theme from Visto Themes. Corey has released "Ice Blue" this time around and with the unique stylings on this one it's sure to please. The icons look great and really stand out on the white background and have great transitions when focused on. I normally dig darker themes but "Ice Blue" has the perfect balance of dark and light colors to keep me happy. Overall this is one very sharp theme.

For more screenshots and to get a look at other themes offered by Visto Themes hit up the forums.

*UPDATE* Due to popular demand, Corey just let me know he has released Ice Blue for 83XX/88XX devices, those versions can be found in The Shop CrackBerry Store as well.

  • Grab Ice Blue for only $7 in the Shop CrackBerry Store >>