If you are a gadget junkie you should have been in Barcelona, Spain this week at the 3GSM Convention. RIM rolled out its new Blackberry 8800 there and their European partner of sorts, HTC , rolled out their new smartphone. The HTC S710 smartphone (previously known as the Vox), comes with a nifty little slide out Qwerty keyboard. It's HTC's first phone to be based on Windows Mobile 6, although its S620 is upgradeable from Windows Mobile 5.0.

European provider Orange will be bringing out the S710 in Europe in the next couple of months, although there is no date for a UK rollout. Yves Maitre, Orange's vice president of devices, called the S710 the "Ferrari of the mobile phone". The device comes with stereo Bluetooth, 2MP camera, Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile 6's handy integration of Hotmail and Live Messenger. Might be more of a Nissan 350Z.

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