Epic Applications released a new puzzle game yesterday that's simple in concept, yet addicting as all hell to play. i installed Flood on my BlackBerry Tour before going to bed last night and found myself up for an hour longer than I should have been trying to score under par. The goal of Flood is to turn the entire board the same color in as few moves as possible. Your starting position is at the top left of the screen, and selecting a color (clicked on from below the game area). Once you select a color, every neighboring square with that color will be filled. As you continue to choose colors, you eventually flood out the screen. It's confusing to explain... so watch the video above or better yet download the free trial and give it a go. There are over 25 levels, which get challenging quick, and each level has a par that you'll want to try and beat. 

Flood sells for $2.99, but is available for $1.99 today only in the CrackBerry App Store. Be sure to check out the product listing page for more details and the CrackBerry forum thread for discussion. Flood is available for the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Bold and Curve 8900.

Get Addicted to Flood for your BlackBerry