PinkBerry the next CrackBerry?

While it was Research in Motion's BlackBerry wireless handheld device that inspired and brought about widespread use of the word "CrackBerry", it's beginning to look like Webster's may need to add an extra line under its defintion for the 2006 New Word of the Year Award Winner.

A new form of CrackBerry Addict is emerging, but it's an LA-based frozen yogurt shop called PinkBerry, not BlackBerry smartphones, that these Addicts are into. PinkBerry was started by a 32-year-old Korean woman entrepreneur Hyekyung "Shelly" Hwang, and since day one of launching, PinkBerry has enjoyed wildly popular success. Pinkberry's claim to fame is their recipe for frozen yogurt which is actually yogurt that has been frozen and then churned. The yogurt comes in plain and green tea and lends itself well to a variety of health-conscious toppings like fresh fruit and granola.

Thanks to its addictive taste, PinkBerry has gained an almost cult-like status in the LA-food world, and is beginning to make its expansion across North America (17 locations in California, 1 in New York). PinkBerry is becoming so popular that it's often being referred to as "CrackBerry" (click here to see all of the Google Results for "pinkberry crackberry") and the LA Times even headlined an article called "The Taste That Launched a 1,000 Parking Tickets".

And just like our beloved BlackBerry, PinkBerry also has a celebrity following, and yes, it is led by none other than jailed socialite, Paris Hilton. With a PinkBerry in her left hand, and a BlackBerry in her right hand I think it's safe to say she is the new epitome of CrackBerry Addiction.

Paris Hilton - BlackBerry Addict, PinkBerry Addict

From all the staff at I want to welcome all of the PinkBerry Addicts who stumble their way into this site. In the weeks ahead we'll set-up a special little corner at just for you, which will of course include a 12 or 13 Step Program (we'll have to first see for ourselves just how addictive PinkBerry is before we know how many steps are needed) for getting your PinkBerry Addiction under Control. It'll be a nice compliment to our BlackBerry Addiction 13 Step Program.

Remember Folks - Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation (sometimes you just have to go overboard)!