New Memory Managment Warning In 5.0 OS!

I'm sure by now some of you out there have seen this once or twice when running OS 5.0 on either your Bold or 8900. But just in case you have not been willing to take the plunge in loading OS 5.0 onto your device or haven't bogged your baby down with a ton of apps yet, here is a snap shot of the new memory management warning system in place. Once your device starts using too many resources you can expect to see the above screen pop up on berry's display, indicating what applications you use less frequently and allowing you to remove some/all to free up some space.

[Note from Kevin: It's nice to see RIM implement a feature like this, but it's also a little painful that what we're seeing is a bandaid solution to a problem that should ultimately be fixed at the wound. Let's work to stop the memory leaks and give us more memory to begin with! Who's with us on that?]