BlackBerry Storm Made Simple

With many Storm owners being new to BlackBerry, the folks at Made Simple Learning have released their latest book, BlackBerry Storm Made Simple, which at 397 pages is full of useful information to help both beginner and advanced BlackBerry users get the most out of their touch screen Storm. The book is currently available in e-book format, with the print edition soon to be available from It sells for $20.99. Some of the BlackBerry Storm Made Simple highlights include:

  • Dozens of hidden or little-known time-saving tips and tricks.
  • Learning all the ins and outs of the new Touch Screen Interface
  • Synchronizing your BlackBerry with your Windows or Mac computer.
  • How to squeeze every ounce of power from the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and MemoPad.
  • How to become "Master of Your BlackBerry Email"
  • How to use Google Sync for true "Wireless Sync" without an Enterprise Server
  • Support for both BlackBerry Internet Service and Corporate BlackBerry Enterprise Server users.
  • Tips and tricks to unlock the rich Media Features of the BlackBerry Storm.
  • How turn your Storm into something that could replace a video and audio "iPod"
  • How to use your Storm for Mapping (including Google Maps.)
  • Learn how to go Online as well as update your Facebook and Myspace pages right from your BlackBerry

Since the launch of the BlackBerry Storm our CrackBerry Forums have been insanely busy, with Storm owners looking to rave, rant, hunt down updated OS's and apps, share their experiences tips and tricks and get help with their device. The knowledge base in our Storm forums (provided by our awesome members!) is HUGE, but if you fall into the "looking for help" category and want an offline learning experience that you can walk through at your own pace, you'll want to check this book out. So you can browse before you buy, Made Simple Learning has made available a sample .pdf that gives you a peek of what you can inspect to find inside.