We've all seen the early prototype pics of what is assumed to be the BlackBerry Windermere. From what we've seen thus far, it doesn't look the best and truthfully, I've been rather harsh on the look of it. I realize the images we've seen don't show the device in the best light and however, thanks to some new-ish details that hit the CB tips box; I'm starting to have a change of heart. So what have we learned?

  • 4.5-Inch 1440x1440 Full HD LCD 453 DPI Display - A Beautiful large display for the largest BlackBerry experience to date.
  • A Revolutionary Keyboard - The fast, accurate typing experience you crave with the convenience of all your favorite all-touch gestures at your fingertips.
  • Designed to keep up with you all day - A powerful and efficient battery designed for a full day use. A slim 3450 mAh battery.
  • A better BlackBerry 10 camera and photo taking experience - 13MP OIS rear camera designed to capture the best photo every time.

The device is said to be incredibly light and built using a stainless steel frame with the overall design inspired by modernist architecture. On top of that, it's also said to be thinner than that of the BlackBerry Z30 which is 9.4mm thick and by no means a thick device. Realistically, a lot of this info has been bumping around for a bit in one way or another but hearing the sales pitch on it if you will, gets me excited.

PS: So as to not cause confusion, the image above is not of the device.