Just as we finished up our podcast where we coincidentally talked about the numbers for BBM, so new data has turned up that shows BBM is still moving along at a hefty pace. According to data from Mobidia on BGR, BBM user engagement is purely awesome so far and the numbers are there to prove it. 

During the week of October 20th, BBM engagement time in the US was 40 minutes, beating out Tango who with their 130 million users was 24 minutes. Viber narrowly nudged ahead of BBM at 44 minutes, but the four minute differential is pretty impressive for BBM that's for sure. Kik blew ahead with 106 minutes of enlargement so there is much ground to cover on that road.

In Europe BBM charged past the popular service LINE with 59 minutes compared to LINE's 38 minutes. WhatsApp holds strong here however with engagement at 160 minutes. 

So while BBM still has a way to go, the active users are definitely there. All we can do is keep spreading the word to get more and more people using the best messenger around.