We've seen plenty of device concepts over the years ranging from the totally crazy to the "oh, that might actually work". The latest comes from Dylan Seeger and is a bit different from those that we've seen in the past - most notably because he's put a ton of thought into the concept, design and even OS for his ultimate BlackBerry device. 

The device itself is kind of a Bold 9900 / Q10 mashup but it still screams BlackBerry. It's made of a glass front and back with stainless steel sides. There is a physical keyboard and one lone navigation button, fittingly bearing the BlackBerry logo. As he describes the actual OS, gone are the BB10 gestures -- everything is done with the keyboard and navigation button.

  • Bold OS is designed to be the most simple and easy to use modern smartphone operating system. Gone are the undiscoverable and confusing gestures that were present in BlackBerry 10.
  • You only need to remember two main gestures: press the BlackBerry button to return to your home screen from wherever you are, and swipe up from it to reveal an application's options. Easy.
  • This is a great example of why the Bold has a physical keyboard. From the home screen, just start typing to search your entire phone. There is no need to clutter the UI with search boxes and dialogs, because the keyboard carries that weight instead. And it's more natural that way. You don't have to think about how you're supposed to do something, you just do.
  • Swiping up from the BlackBerry button reveals app-specific options. In this case, we're in the browser, and swiping up has revealed options to go back to the previous webpage, search the current one, bookmark it, or share it. I used a butterfly for the share icon because it's adorable. Your content just flies away! ...I can see it now.

Bold OS drops Active Frames in favor of minimized widgets - the music apps drops down to music controls that you can interact with. 

The vision here is that this one device would be the only device offered from BlackBerry. If you want a BlackBerry it's keyboard or nothing, which I'm okay with but I'm not sure how others feel after using the Z10 or Z30. 

Hit up the original post here and take a read - it's all very intriguing. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think!