AIRCHARGE AirBlueProPipeline Data Inc. has announced yesterday that its AIRCHARGE subsidiary has released a bluetooth card swipe and printer solution. The AirBluePro works on BlackBerry devices operating on the Sprint and Nextel networks.

This type of bluetooth payment solution is often found in taxis, delivery trucks and on the trade show floor. Basically anywhere that it is hard to access standard phone lines.

CMO of AIRCHARGE James L. Plappert notes:

“The addition of Bluetooth solutions expands the market for our product offerings and enables the large and growing number of mobile business owners who utilize BlackBerry smartphones to experience the convenience, savings and security of accepting credit card payments wirelessly."

The software needed to run the device can be installed OTA and is compatible with most merchat accounts. It is certified to run on the 8830WE, 8130, 8703e, 7520, 7250 and 7130e devices on the Sprint network... and the 7100i on the Nextel network.

More details, coverage maps and pricing are available at the AIRCHARGE website

[ via EVDOinfo