If you've been looking though BlackBerry World lately then you no doubt noticed there is a little bit of revamping going on. Things are being moved around, getting better organized and according to a recent email sent out to developers, there will also be an increased amount of focus placed on Built for BlackBerry apps. 

We've seen them placed in the forefront before but the new additions will bring some welcomed changes. So what will the new Built for BlackBerry placement look like? You can jump below to see some screenshots of what you'll soon be seeing in BlackBerry World when coming across a Built for BlackBerry app along with the notes from BlackBerry about what the changes are exactly.

Introducing exclusive Built for BlackBerry promotional features - The first thing your customers will notice when browsing BlackBerry World in the list view is the new Built for BlackBerry indicator located next to your star rating. This easy to recognize symbol helps your customers quickly identify that your app is Built for BlackBerry. 

We’re also increasing the visibility of your Built for BlackBerry app on the app details page itself. This new Built for BlackBerry badge will be prominent on the app details page, and giving it a quick tap will take your customers to a new page that explains what a Built for BlackBerry designated app means to them. These features are currently being rolled out and you’re not required to take any action.

If you're used to seeing the Built for BlackBerry logo on apps, otherwise known as the BlackBerry peel, you'll see that start to disappear. Hopefully, these changes will help developers who've created great apps for specifically for the BlackBerry 10 platform get some well deserved attention and downloads. You can also check out some of editors selections in the CrackBerry App Gallery if you're looking for some of the best-of-the-best apps.