Inspired 9000 Theme for BlackBerry

Apparently I'm not going to get any sleep before heading to Vegas. Just as I was about to pack up the computer for the night, I checked out the software store and what did I discover? The latest theme by JC Designs... the Inspired 9000.

I shot John an email (luckily he was still awake on West Coast time) and it seems he spent the weekend working on this new theme after seeing how excited the BlackBerry community got over the photos of the BlackBerry 9000 that surfaced on Friday. The Inspired 9000 is just that - inspired by the new BlackBerry 9000.

I immediately downloaded and installed the theme. John drew all the icons pixel by pixel, and they are very sharp and 9000-esque. The background is a bit different than the one on the 9000, but the colors/tones/overall effect are really good. It's a clean professional look. If you want to change up the background to be even more 9000-like, you can click here for one that's close (from the PS3) and I also tried the Inspired 9000 with the ever popular Plain Black background and the homescreen shortcuts looked great on that too.

Right now the theme is only available in the Icon style, but John says he's going to get the Inspired 9000 built over the next couple of days for the Bottom Dock, Standard Zen and Today stylings as well, so stay tuned. The Inspired 9000 theme is available for $7. If you're jonesing for a BlackBerry 9000, this is your quick fix! Nice work John!

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