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Were you one of the lucky ones to open that unexpected present and see a BlackBerry Smartphone staring back at you? If you were, you were probably filled with joy and excitement, and then as the day went on you began to think what else you could possibly need for it to function, or how you can make it a great counterpart of your everyday life. While there are endless amounts of ways to make the device your own, the hunt can be a difficult one because of just how much is available. As always, we are here to try and help make your hunt an easy and painless one.

Let's start with some free applications, because well, we all know the holiday's just passed and not everyone has money to spend on additional applications and such for their device. There are a lot more than this out there, but as a new BlackBerry owner we're just looking to help you get your feet wet in the world of BlackBerry and CrackBerry. Enjoy!

1. Launcher - This is a great free application that replicates the forums on your device with a very clean, easy to use layout. The launcher has recently been revamped to replicate the web version of the forums, and what new user wouldn't want access to potential answers to their questions at their fingertips at all times? You can download this launcher directly from your device by heading to

2. Viigo (CrackBerry Edition) - Who doesn't like to keep up with various news headlines, sports updates and stock information while on the go? While the BlackBerry can access all this information through the web, it can be a bit tedious to have to venture to each site to view the information you want to see. Viigo puts the RSS feeds for various sites all into one easy to use application. Users can customize what feeds they want on their device, and also the CrackBerry Edition will show users new blog and forum posts. For some more information, and to pick up your copy head here.

3. Pandora - Music is a big part of many people's life, and on the PC there are many options for streaming music, and Pandora has blessed us with a BlackBerry application, so you can continue that love for music on the go. The Pandora application mimmics the web version very well, allowing many of the same features to be utilized, and gives users access to their musical selection, and channels they set on the PC while on the go. Head to from your BlackBerry or check out Pandora in BlackBerry App World to download this application today.

4. Poynt - This application allows users to search for businesses in the local area, as well as movies, view movie trailers and purchase tickets. If you are someone constantly on the go this is a must have, as it offers great GPS compatability, which allows users to quickly gain access to directions and other information while on the go. To check out more information on this application and download your copy today, hit up the CrackBerry App Store or check out Poynt in BlackBerry App World.

5. UberTwitter - For those out there who love the wonderful world of twitter, UberTwitter is a great BlackBerry Twitter Client that allows access to your timeline, @ replies as well as direct messages on the go. You can tweet, view tweets, post pictures, videos, see what your friends are doing and more all on the go with this application. Head over to to download, and be sure to follow @crackberry and tweet us with any questions you may have!

For additional free BlackBerry application's that you can download OTA right from your BlackBerry Smartphone, be sure to check out our still-growing free applications list from your device. 

Unfortunately, not all application's for the BlackBerry Smartphone are available in a free version, nor are the accessories that many users will end up wanting to check out for their device. A few weeks ago we ran some gift guides that detailed accessory and application suggestions for various types of BlackBerry users. Be sure to check them out again, as there is a lot of great information and ideas in there to help ensure you get the most out of your BlackBerry Smartphone.

You can also install the CrackBerry mobile clients and browse our full selection of themes and apps right on your devce, or check out our mobile app store from your device at, or from a PC at

For more help on getting both free and paid applications on your BlackBerry, be sure to check out Getting Apps On Your New BlackBerry.

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