BlackBerry Patent Application

Russel Shaw over at ZDnet posted this on Thursday, but I decided to hold off until Monday morning to relay the story (I wanted all you CrackBerrys to have fresh Monday-morning brains to absorb it all!)...

A newly published patent application shows RIM is working on a technology which would determine an incoming caller's location from GPS data, and then display that location on the call recipient's BlackBerry. Talk about cool - you would never again have to ask "Where are you?", which is the number one call between two phones.

The patent is entitled Visual representation of contact location. The patent's abstract provides an overview:

A method for visually representing information on a display of a portable electronic device includes receiving location coordinates from at least one other portable electronic device, plotting a visual identifier on a map and displaying the map on the display of the portable electronic device.

The position of the visual identifier corresponds to the location coordinates received from the at least one other portable electronic device, which correspond to an actual location of the at least one other portable electronic device. The appearance of the visual identifier is selected to depict the status of the user of the at least one other portable electronic device.

Head on over to Russell's blog for an indepth look at the patent.

Side Note: How's this for an "It's a small world" connection? It turns out the lead inventor, Gerhard Dietrich Klassen, is my best friend's girlfriend's first cousin!!! Keep up the great work Gary! I hope you have lots of RIM stock! :)

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