I'm now back home after my trip to Indonesia for BlackBerry DevCon Asia. There are a few posts left to hit the blogs from the trip (Indonesia internet didn't like me uploading vids to youtube for some reason), but in the meantime while I get those posts together here's a new user Indo BlackBerry Messenger user video. In this video, Bobby and Ucha from HellBobs talk about their passion in the art of tattooing and how BBM has helped them to connect with their clients and exchange ideas on what tattoo design is perfect for them.

Unless you actually hit a city like Jakarta and see it with your own eyes, it's actually pretty hard to convey just how over the top the BlackBerry use there is. I hit up some restaurants where literally every person had their BlackBerry either in hand or on the table, or in some cases two or three devices. It was pure BlackBerry craziness.  

In the video, Bobby says he belongs to 20 BBM groups and has over 500 contacts on his BlackBerry. Not too shabby. How does that stack up to your BlackBerry Messenger list?