New BlackBerry Messenger Coming To All Devices Running 5.0

On the heels of the long awaited announcement of the BlackBerry Tour, BGR has posted that the revamped BlackBerry Messenger we recently got a peak at will be rolling out on all devices with OS 5.0. Michael gave us a short run down of some of the finer improvements we will be seeing and has a great gallery of screenshots for everyone to drool over. Some of the highlights of the new BlackBerry messenger in addition to the ones already covered previously include:

  • SMS support — Long awaited on BlackBerry devices, threaded SMS soon available.
  • PIN barcode scanning — Forget a PIN? Not wanting to type out email addresses? Scan and save your friends "barcode" instead using integrated camera.
  • Backup/Restore Messenger list to microSD card — It's not running apps off the SD Card but we'll take it.

We got a few screenshots of our own after the jump be sure to check them out as well as the ones posted on BGR for all the new messenger goodness. Check out the new data usage tracker, I like that.

Data Usage Tracker!
SMS Options!
Convos On Main Screen!

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