Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry

Taking my nightly stroll through the software store I stumbled upon this new app for all the lady CrackBerry Addicts out there and just felt an immediate responsbility to post on it... Allow me to introduce you to Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry.

Developed by S4BB, Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry allows you to keep track of your period. Features include:

  • Benefits: Keep your diary. Anywhere. Anytime. Mobile.
  • Sort: Entries are showed to you in the order you created them.
  • Export: Allows you to export your entries to share or transfer entries to your computer.
  • Export Formats: Text files, HTML, and even MemoPad entries.
  • Statistics: Figure out your longest, shortest and average period. 
You can pick up Menstrual Calendar for BlackBerry for $9.99 from I won't be giving the app a test run, so if you buy it be sure to report back with your comments!

Side Note: I just realized we don't have enough female voices in the CrackBerry Blogs. So if you're a hardcore female CrackBerry Addict and think you have the interest, experience, attitude and talent to write for us, I want to hear from you. Shoot me an email at kevin at (put Blog Writer in the subject)!