New BlackBerry Javelin Pic!

A new (slightly blurry) photo of the BlackBerry Javelin has popped up on the net (via HoFo ), this time with the device neatly sandwiched between a BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800. We recently brought you some Javelin presentation shots , which showed off many of the features and functions coming in RIM's replacement to the Curve, but this images shows you just show small and sleek the device really is compared to the current generation of BB Full Qwertys.

As excited as I am to get my BlackBerry Bold, I can't get over just how "good" the Javelin specs and device are looking. Sure the Bold is packing 3G and a slightly faster processor, but after that the Javelin pretty much wins in every respect: bigger display, smaller form factor, better camera, more room for apps... it is TIGHT. If you live outside of 3G coverage or find yourself with access WiFi the majority of your day, it's looking like the Javelin vs. Bold decision may not be that difficult to make. Check out the related links below for more drooling: