blackberry internet service

The Boy Genius Report is reporting that BlackBerry Internet Service 2.3 is being launched today for AT&T customers.

The new BlackBerry Internet Service update has added a lot of attachment enhancements and support, which should make life easier for non-BES users. You can now open .mp3, and .wav files, attach and send up to a 3MB file in an e-mail directly from your BlackBerry, while having access to Delivery and Read notifications. BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is an easy-to-use wireless email solution included with the purchase of BlackBerry Personal data rate plans.

BIS offers direct wireless access to work and personal Internet email accounts such as Earthlink, Comcast, Yahoo! and virtually any other POP3 or IMAP account. With Blackberry Internet Service, customers get an easy-to-use and reliable wireless e-mail solution to send/receive/forward/reply to messages. Customers can wirelessly manage multiple email accounts on the go. According to RIM “many customers will find it much easier to check their desktop email from their BlackBerry vs. a computer as there is no log in process and they can sit anywhere to do it.”

The Boy Genius provides a full rundown of the enhanced features including: added support for Yahoo Mail and G-mail; delivery and read receipts, auto-forwarding; slideshow features; attachment uploading, voice attachment playback; wireless meeting requests; and expanded language support.