BlackBerry Feedback Tool

If you've ever wanted a way to voice your opinion on BlackBerry functions, apps, features or whatever - now you have one. The new BlackBerry Feedback Tool will let you do just that from anywhere on your device. The app places a simple menu item on your device so with just a few clicks you can fire off a message right to RIM.

Express yourself with the BlackBerry Feedback Tool - a feedback application especially for your BlackBerry! Once you download the BlackBerry Feedback Tool, it is available in your device menu at all times and can be used to send feedback on BlackBerry features, functions and applications at any time! We want to hear from you! 

Are you native apps buggy? Wondering why certain features aren't working on your device? Fire off a message and let your voice be heard. While there are no guarantees that anything will actually get done about it, you can still let RIM know what's bugging you. The app is available for most devices and is currently only supported in the US, Canada and UK. Hit the link below to download.

More information/download of BlackBerry Feedback Tool

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